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Climate change threatens blackouts nationwide

  • May 9, 2022
Grid operators are warning summer heatwaves will cause rolling blackouts across the country, the Wall Street Journal reports. Concerns are…
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The state of our air is … not great

  • April 22, 2022
More than 40% of people in the U.S. live in cities and states with poor air quality, the American Lung…
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Global climate pledges, if fulfilled, will limit warming to 2°C

  • April 15, 2022
World nations’ collective climate pledges — if fully realized — would limit global warming to under 2°C (3.6°F) above preindustrial…
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Top funders are slow to take the climate justice pledge

  • April 6, 2022
Last year, the Donors of Color Network challenged top climate funders to direct 30% of their grantmaking to Black, Indigenous,…
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Campaign launches to clean up Bitcoin

  • March 30, 2022
As the White House opens a request for information on whether digital assets “impede or advance efforts to tackle climate…
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East Antarctica ice shelf collapse amid heatwave a harbinger of things to come

  • March 28, 2022
An ice shelf holding back two glaciers in East Australia (nearest to Australia) collapsed catastrophically between March 14 and 16…
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Florida Panhandle residents breathing mold 3 years after Hurricane Michael

  • March 23, 2022
More than three years after Hurricane Michael slammed the Florida Panhandle, residents in historically Black and low-income neighborhoods are still…
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Heatwaves at the poles — drought, floods, and hurricanes everywhere in between

  • March 21, 2022
Simultaneous heatwaves in the Arctic, with temperatures 50°F warmer than average, and the Antarctic, 70°F warmer than average, are the…
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Western megadrought expected to continue — NOAA

  • March 18, 2022
The megadrought plaguing the western U.S. will likely continue as high heat and dry conditions reciprocally exacerbate each other, NOAA…
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Climate impacts hockey, Iditarod, pregnant people

  • March 7, 2022
Climate change threatens pregnant people, pond hockey, ice fishing, and the Iditarod, among many other things. The IPCC WG2 report…
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