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Proposed US LNG export terminals would cause more climate pollution than 20 coal-fired power plants

  • June 13, 2022
The new LNG export terminals proposed or under construction in the U.S., if constructed, would produce the equivalent of 90…
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Humans are becoming smaller to adapt to climate change

  • June 9, 2022
Since the beginning of time, human beings and other living creatures have evolved to adapt to their ever-changing environments. One…
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HSBC banker, unconcerned if Miami is 19 feet underwater, says climate warnings are ‘shrill’

  • May 23, 2022
HSBC Asset Management has suspended Stuart Kirk, its head of “responsible investing,” after he derisively denied the financial risks caused…
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The Climate Crisis is a public health crisis, especially for communities of color and the poor.

  • May 20, 2022
On May 18th, as part of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) annual issues summit, organizers held a panel discussion…
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Climate change great for winter ticks, very bad for moose calves

  • May 19, 2022
More than 85% of Maine moose calves tracked by researchers last year died before their first birthday because of surging…
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Drought threatens hydropower generation in Western US

  • May 18, 2022
The massive drought parching the western U.S., and in the Colorado River basin in particular, is causing major concerns for…
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Climate change threatens blackouts nationwide

  • May 9, 2022
Grid operators are warning summer heatwaves will cause rolling blackouts across the country, the Wall Street Journal reports. Concerns are…
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The state of our air is … not great

  • April 22, 2022
More than 40% of people in the U.S. live in cities and states with poor air quality, the American Lung…
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Global climate pledges, if fulfilled, will limit warming to 2°C

  • April 15, 2022
World nations’ collective climate pledges — if fully realized — would limit global warming to under 2°C (3.6°F) above preindustrial…
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Top funders are slow to take the climate justice pledge

  • April 6, 2022
Last year, the Donors of Color Network challenged top climate funders to direct 30% of their grantmaking to Black, Indigenous,…
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