Do Republicans fear Trump or they embrace his nihilistic view

Do Republicans fear Trump or do they embrace his nihilistic view

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“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” — Albert Einstein

Do Republicans fear Trump? I think not. But progressives spend a lot of time writing about how scared Republicans are of him rather than acknowledging a far darker truth about much of the party. They are not fearful at all; they embrace his nihilistic view of the world wholly and with eyes wide open.

When you have a party trying to remove Liz Cheney (R-WY) because she does not support the conspiracy theories that the QOP Is peddling to the American public daily, you know some (most?) Republicans have lost the plot.

The new axis of evil, Marjorie Taylor Green, Josh Hawley, and Ted Cruz, are quickly becoming the leaders of a group of people who simply do not care about facts. Their goal is to restore the U.S.A. to a fantasy world where WASPs were in complete control of our country. Do not let Cruz’s last name think he has a care in the world for his fellow Latinos: he sold his soul out to el diablo years ago.

But here is the rub: the right-wing is already outspending and out messaging the progressive party, bigly. This loud-mouthed trio knows that all they need to do is move a small percentage of Latino and Black men over to their side, and they have won the chess match.

Meanwhile, Democrats, despite some heavy-hitting organizations maneuvering into place, are far behind. Despite Greene, Hawley, Cruz, and the rest of the right-wingers’ lackadaisical approach to governing, these nefarious actors are front and center, speaking directly to the hearts and minds of Americans everywhere. Unbound by the truth, they are repeating false narratives about socialism and Biden being a baby killer, repeatedly reaching low information voters with their fear-mongering. This onslaught of disinformation is coming so fast and furious that unless people actively search for a different take on these messages, these lies will permanently replace reality.

What’s more, Prager U, right-wing supported and created, has become a one-stop shop for all the disinformation campaigns you never needed to know. Do you want to argue that climate change is not real? Then head on over to Prager. Want to get your progressive friends in a tizzy? Click on a video by good ol’ Candace Owens, and you too can see that the Republican party is doing more for the Black community than Democrats ever did. Want to learn more about how Big Tech is discriminating against the QOP? Watch a 3-minute video, and you will see that it is all the liberals’ fault.

Prager U is one of the most popular platforms on the internet. Many of their videos are poorly researched and thinly disguised propaganda. But the messages are simple. The videos are hip, short, and watchable. And the narrators are almost always TV celebs. We know that what they do works, and the result is division, doubt, and discord within our communities.

Progressives are way behind the eight ball. But it is not too late – yet. We must move quickly and together. We must fund new companies and organizations that have the most innovative ideas for reaching Americans. The old guard and the new must work together 24/7 to create a megaphone to amplify reality to drown out the firehose of falsehoods.

Our Democracy is at stake, and we need every American to get in the ring and fight for our freedom.

We simply cannot afford to lose. There is no more time to waste.

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