'Your problem is hate': Native Americans slam GOP Gov Noem's callous anti-immigration tweet

‘Your problem is hate’: Native Americans slam GOP Gov Noem’s callous anti-immigration tweet

Kristi Noem speaking at an event


“We must use words to uplift and include. We can use our words to fight back against oppression and hate. But we must also channel our words into action.” — Stacey Abrams

My plan for today’s post was to write a long and well-researched article on geopolitics. I was going to wax lyrical about the Biden administration’s tough approach to Russia and China but give my fellow Americans a warning that we cannot ignore what’s happening on the world stage.

I was going to point out that some Trump supporters have stated that they support Putin over Biden and how dangerous that is to our democracy.

Next, I was going to give a history lesson on how we’ve gotten into the predicament we are in regarding those two countries and the fact that China may be on the precipice of invading Taiwan (or at least in the next few years). I was going to discuss the prospect of Russia moving into Ukraine and what would happen.

I would wrap up my piece with some questions about an unlikely alliance between those two countries and what would happen if they started a war. Would the U.S. come to Taiwan’s defense? Would Russia risk losing all credibility with its European neighbors?

Finally, I had resolved to write about world affairs at least once a week to focus our attention on how important it is to be educated about 21st Century war games.

But, instead, as I started to put “pen to paper,” I clicked on an article about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who had just tweeted, “South Dakota won’t be taking any illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration wants to relocate. My message to illegal immigrants… call me when you’re an American.”

What kind of person, especially a mother of three, would utter such callous and cold-hearted words?

This woman, the daughter of immigrants herself, without any apprehension, showed us all who she is: a hateful, spiteful, ugly American.

I mean, first of all, does she not know that these folks crossing the border are seeking asylum? Has she ever even traveled to Mexico, El Salvador, or Guatemala and spoken to people who are not only risking their lives to come here but are sending their children alone to protect them from danger? Can you imagine a parent’s desperation to have to do that?

We all know there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. And yes, we also know that we must do something to stem the influx of immigrants. But are we not all human beings? Are we not all trying to make sure our children live in safety? Why is the Governor treating immigrants as sub-human?

What right-wingers like Governor Noem don’t understand is that progressives have always prioritized Americans’ needs; of course, we do. That is precisely why Biden’s infrastructure plan is so vital to the future of our country. The premise is to build our nation back better — and stronger — so that we can compete in the 21st Century. But thoughtful Americans also care about our brothers and sisters from other places worldwide who live in constant danger and seek peace and safety for themselves and their families.

I have no patience anymore for people who do not remember our history as immigrants. And I have zero sympathies at all for selfish politicians. We have had enough of you and your ilk.

Remi Bald Eagle tweeted a response that summed up much of the anger Native Americans had with Noem’s comment: “I’m going to re-tweet this only to say, you do not know how much this comment breaks my heart. You are on our land. It seems like our problem is love and your problem is hate.”

The real enemy is extremists in the Republican Party who are trying to burn this country to the ground with their firehose of falsehoods and hateful rhetoric.

Governor Noem, do me a favor and give me a call when YOU’re an American. Oh yeah, and give God a call when you’ve become a Christian.

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