Will you tow the party line when your child is in the line of fire?

Will you tow the party line when your child is in the line of fire?

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“Man is the cruelest animal.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

As a parent of two sons, preparing my children for the genuine possibility of gun violence in their schools has become a critical part of our daily conversations. And today’s school shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a stark reminder of the complete and utter senselessness of it all.

This insanity has to stop now. This country cannot keep going on like this. Day after day, we hear a new story about another mass shooting. We are putting our children in harm’s way just by letting them leave the house. From Boulder to Knoxville, Americans are killing each other for no reason.

Those of you who keep repeating the NRA party line about the second amendment, just cut it out. Seriously. This type of thinking is mass psychosis. Our country is veering off the rails, and all people can say is, “It’s not our fault. We can have our guns, and no one can ever take them away.” You know what? It is your fault. And you should be ashamed of yourselves and your poorly constructed opinions about people trampling on your God-given rights.

When will enough be enough? Will you follow the party line if your child is in the line of fire and dies? How many other Americans need to perish before you look in the mirror and see how wrong you have been about the gun debate?

No one is taking away your hunting rifles. Gun safety regulations are not even about that, and you know better. No one requires military-grade weapons except for our armed forces. What’re next, nukes? No home is complete without one?

No one is entitled to military-grade weapons that are used for one purpose and one purpose only, to effectively kill as many human beings as possible. When such weapons remain largely unregistered, unregulated, and untraceable, the nation cannot realistically monitor the distribution of weapons of mass destruction.

Second, there is a fair argument that America’s gun culture has transitioned away from gun safety to mainly gun ownership. When combined with the belief that there can be no restrictions on access to weapons that can fire 100s of rounds per minute — and pierce all but the most effective personnel and vehicular armament — this creates a society that is subject to terrorism from its most unstable, violent, and reckless actors.

But don’t make the gun debate about mental illness or broken homes or drug addiction or atheism causing this uptick in violence. It’s the guns. All you need to do is look to our northern neighbor, Canada. They have all of those things, and yet, somehow, they don’t have mass shootings. You want to know why? They have strict gun safety laws.

I was raised initially in the south and am no stranger to gun culture. But for reasons that extend beyond this article, in my lifetime, gun owner groups have transitioned from teaching safety and promoting sportsmanship through guns to declaring that it’s solely about the mere idea of owning a firearm.

What is it going to take for this madness to stop? In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

Do something.

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