Biden is ready to 'Build Back Better' with $3 Trillion for infrastructure and jobs

Biden is ready to ‘Build Back Better’ with $3 trillion for infrastructure and jobs

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The White House is preparing a $3 trillion infrastructure and jobs package as part of President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda.

The Washington Post reports the legislation will be broken into two parts. One package will focus on education and programs to increase the participation of women in the workforce, including paid leave, universal pre-K and free community college. It would also extend the child tax credit for several years.

A second part of the legislation will focus on infrastructure like bridges, roads and waterways. It would reportedly provide $400 billion to combat climate change, including $60 billion for green transit.

For comparison, Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren recently proposed a bill that would invest $500 billion in electric public transportation infrastructure.

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