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Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for the 2024 race — Paranoia, victimhood leads the party

Trump is the presumptive nominee for the 2024 race — Paranoia, victimhood leads the Republican party

This caricature of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mark Rubio was adapted from a Creative Commons licensed photo. DonkeyHotey / CC BY 2.0

Some of my readers have contacted me to inquire why I don’t write more about the Biden administration. Some of my ultra-right-wing followers have asked why they don’t see a prodigious amount of glowing social media posts about Biden from the Democrats.

Here’s why: Trump has only been out of office for six weeks, and he is already the presumptive nominee for the 2024 race. His speech at CPAC, where he repeated the lie that the election was stolen, was met with boisterous applause. His fellow sycophants who graced the stage adopted the same hate-filled rhetoric and made jokes about what happened in Texas, patted themselves on the back for not wearing a mask, and repeated the lie that Antifa fueled the insurrection on Jan. 6. And the majority of people at the event said they would vote for Trump again. Sure DeSantis came in second, but come on, the event was in Florida after all, so that’s not surprising.

The right-wing needs to understand that the Democrats don’t view themselves as Biden fans. He is an elected official, and we expect him to do his job. Unlike Trump, we don’t raise him to deity status and bow down to him constantly. Since President Biden and Vice-President Harris are doing their jobs, there’s no need for progressives to wax lyrical all day long on social media.

The right has confused the presidency with a cult. The left understands that most Americans want to get back to living their lives without having to talk politics all day long. Or, to put it more precisely, we don’t want to be 24/7 fact-checkers, and we don’t have to be now because we have an administration that governs in a transparent manner and is accountable for its actions.

Trump has redefined the way many conservatives see America. The grifters in his party see dollar signs by continuing to associate with him. Those brave Republicans who have dared speak out against him are not only excommunicated from the GOP but have become targets of possible violence by his followers. A sense of paranoia and victimhood leads the party. It’s about a culture of “you’re either with us or against us.” This approach to politics does not bode well for democracy.

All you have to do is click on PragerU, and you too can fall into the abyss of lies that the right-wing feeds its audiences, especially to its target group, youth. Pretty graphics and seemingly well-researched videos about climate change create the illusion that the Republican party tackles the Earth’s most critical challenges. But the illusion is just that, a magic trick, and when you look behind the curtain, all you see is a ragtag group of unhappy, toxic people who only care about money and power.

We at Front Page Live are fighting back against this wave of disinformation with a progressive version of Prager U: an always-on persuasion engine that reaches people where they are with massive streams of fact-based content. Democracy can only survive if we wrest the narrative back from the Trump party.

The need for truth in a post-truth era is urgent and long-term. The spigot of facts must grow to a constant wave of information that reaches the people who need to hear it most. We will not give up the fight despite the army of lies that dominate the airwaves.

We hope you will join us as Front Page Live continues to build a coalition of organizations, companies, and everyday citizens to fight back against disinformation.

Democracy is counting on us.

We will get through this together.

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