MAGA insurrection exposes how law enforcement is different for Blacks

Capitol MAGA insurrection exposes how law enforcement is different for Blacks

Side by side photos of BLM protests/MAGA insurrection

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On Wednesday, January 6 several thousands of Pro-Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. with the sole agenda to agitate. Waving their Confederate flags and wearing their MAGA hats, they swarmed the streets once occupied by Black Lives Matter protesters to dispute the certification of the electoral college. This act would have been the finale for their candidate, the current president, making it crystal clear that he had indeed lost the 2020 presidential election.

However, unlike the mostly peaceful protestors from last year’s summer, these insurrectionists came with the intention to be violently disruptive and impede the political process — that would boot out 45.

They stormed the Capitol building and ransacked one of the most hallowed spaces of democracy in the world. Their goal was not to influence the ear of legislative bodies to establish a solution to police-involved violence, like the BLM protesters. The dark web suggested that these individuals were there to start a riotous revolution. Yet, the president did not sic the local and national law enforcement to forcibly squash this act of civil unrest. Instead, he allowed it to get way out of hand, resulting in the casualty of four lives and injuring many others. Even when the police did step forward, they treated the mob with kid-skinned gloves.

It put a glaring spotlight on the differences between how people of color were treated versus this predominantly white collective of anarchists.

Chanelle Helm, one of the organizers for the protests aimed to bring awareness to the Breonna Taylor case, told the Washington Post, “Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence.”

She continued, “And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen. I don’t understand where the ‘law and order’ is. This is what white supremacy looks like.”

She is not the only one who noticed the difference. BLM activist Deray McKesson said, “Black and Brown people have been shot and arrested for far less.”

“These people broke into the Capitol and were sitting on the House speaker’s desk today,” McKesson shared. “Black people would not have even gotten into the building. They would have started shooting at them the minute they started to rush at the police.”

Social media had a field day juxtaposing images from the summer and the January 6th event.

Moreover, many pointed to the president’s tweet from July that detailed what should happen to “anarchists, agitators or protestors” who vandalized or caused damage to various federal courthouses and throughout the nation.

It appeared as if his tune changed completely as he said that he loved them and called them “special.”

Civil Rights attorney Ben Crump further noted that this represented the clear “two systems of justice,” saying, “If Black people had done what these White domestic terrorists did today, can you imagine the reaction? They would have been tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, arrested, and charged with felonies — or treason.”

While it has been reported that thousands of people were involved in bombarding the Capitol building, less than 100 have been arrested. Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen has committed to working to track down and prosecute participants in one of the worst acts of insurrection in the nation’s history.

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