Trump cellphone rant FBI and AG Barr may be to blame for election defeat

In bizarre cellphone rant, Trump says FBI and AG Barr ‘may be to blame’ for his election defeat

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Thanksgiving is a time of graciousness, gratification, and gratitude. For most people. As the nation sat down to give thanks, President Trump used his cellphone to call Fox New for his first interview since Joe Biden was declared President-Elect.

The irony of this was not lost on Twitter…

Faced with a crisis, the President heads to the golf course

Donald Trump on a golf course leaning on a club.

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President Trump continues to strongly call out voter fraud and claim “this election was rigged.” Since the “total fraud” results were announced on November 3, Trump has done what any Commander-in-Chief undergoing mutiny would do. He headed to the golf course, where he has spent most of his time post-election.

Maria Baritomo’s ‘infomercial’ for Trump

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The Fox News Sunday “appearance” from the President was in fact a call-in from Camp David, where the President was spending Thanksgiving weekend with his family. Less an interview than a monologue, the President spoke for a drawn-out 45 minutes. He called Biden’s victory “the greatest fraud in the history of our country,” and referred to the “Russia hoax, pure hoax!”

DOJ and FBI — ‘Maybe they’re involved’

The FBI and Department of Justice will investigate the hanging deaths of two black men in California


Clearly, the 27 days since the President’s defeat have not softened the blow.

Once again, Trump brought up the theory, which has yet to be supported by any evidence, that Democrat votes were added last minute: “dumps, big massive dumps in Michigan, in Pennsylvania and… all over.” The President also claimed that Republican poll watchers were “thrown out” of polling stations.

According to a GQ profile of Donald Trump Jr, he once told his children not to trust anyone — including him, their own father. In that case, it would appear the President is taking his own advice now, even the FBI and longtime ally the Attorney General William Barr are under suspicion.

During the interview, Trump pitched his theory to Maria Bartiromo as to why the FBI and the Department of Justice had not stepped in to investigate the “fraud”: “maybe they’re involved.”

‘Smorgasbord of disinformation’

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Baritomo has been criticized for giving Trump the perfect platform to peddle baseless allegations and unfounded conspiracy theories to her hundreds of thousands of viewers. She did not dispute the President nor ask him any questions about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, she lauded his views saying: “this is disgusting…we cannot allow America’s election to be corrupted.” CNN’s Brian Stelter called Baritomo out for letting the President “lie and lie and lie” VOX called the interview a “smorgasbord of disinformation.”

Alright, Mr. President, we’re listening

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Let’s give Trump the benefit of the doubt. What evidence is there of “total fraud?”

Were there “massive dumps” of votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?

No, the spikes in the number of votes for Joe Biden in these states do not demonstrate electoral fraud, but reflect the higher turnout of mail-in ballots by Democrat voters. This article uses the turnout data to show there is no evidence of election fraud.

Biden can’t have beat Obama in Black communities, therefore it is fraud, right?

Trump is now echoing his son Eric’s theory that if Biden performed better among Black voters than Obama, therefore the election was rigged: “He beat Obama in swing states. You know that didn’t happen. They stuffed the ballot box.”

Wrong: Trump claims he “won” with nearly 74 million votes, but Biden now has over 80 million. His margin in the popular vote is now larger than Obama’s was in 2012, and greater than George W. Bush’s in 2004. This does not demonstrate miscounting, but a voting populace disenfranchised with Donald Trump. Also, voting turnout was the highest in over a century.

Were Republican poll watchers “thrown out” of polling stations?

False: Trump has repeatedly claimed that Republican poll watchers were prevented from watching the vote count. His legal team have failed to prove this, and the fact-checking organization Politico wrote a report on the allegations of voting irregularities in Michigan. The state Republican chair accused the Detroit voting center of blocking GOP poll watchers, when in fact “at the time of her tweet, several hundred of her party’s poll challengers, attorneys and representatives were already inside the TCF Center monitoring the count.”

All of Trump’s weekends claims from his “cellphone rant of election falsehoods” are fact-checked here.

The President wound up his interview by deploring “where the country’s gone over the last 10 or 15 years.” Has he already forgotten he was President for the last four?

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