'Kelly Loeffler is an insider traitor': Viral video ignites Twitter

‘Kelly Loeffler is an insider traitor’: Viral video ignites Twitter

#LootingLoeffler hits number 3 in the USA - Twitter is on fire over the Meidas Touch ad

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While Trump and Biden do a tug-of-war over the Oval Office, all eyes are on Georgia. The all-important Senate run-off election will decide which party controls the Senate and therefore shapes the next four years.

Senator Kelly Loeffler is trying desperately to keep her seat.


But she won’t be staying in D.C. if Meidas Touch can help it.

The media group had #LootingLoeffler trending number 3 on Twitter.

Pandemic profiteers β€” Loeffler dumped millions in stock

Portrait photo of Kelly Loeffler


Remember this scandal? Kelly Loeffler was one of four Senators accused of insider trading, profiting from a multi-million dollar stock dump shortly after government briefings on the coronavirus pandemic.

Husband donates $1 million, and charges are dropped

Piles of money


To the nation’s outrage, the Justice Department abruptly dropped the charges against three of the accused, including Loeffler. Just after her husband donated $1 million to a pro-Trump super PAC. Could there be a correlation?

‘Even Fox News knows #LootingLoeffler is a crook’

Cartoon television with the Fox News logo on the screen

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Twitter was particularly tickled by how MeidasTouch used a Fox News anchor as the narrator for their ad. Jeanine Pirro is the host of Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” She did not hold back in her scathing attack on Loeffler, the ad ends with Jeanine saying: “this woman is knee-deep in the swamp and she just got there.”

#LootingLoeffler has 1.3 million views β€” one for every dollar she made

Loefflerstanding with Trump and others

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As one user pointed out, the MeidasTouch ad is proving as successful as Loeffler’s insider trading.

Kelly Loeffler isn’t even from Georgia

A Welcome to Georgia sign


The most recently elected Senator in the state is already a “poster child for Washington Swampiness.” Twitter pointed out that Kelly Loeffler isn’t even from Georgia, but was born in Illinois.

Georgia deserves better

Georgia Senate candidate, the Rev. Dr Raphael Warnock gets ready for the Georgia election runoff.


America will hold its breath until January 5, 2021. The Georgia elections will be decided by the residents of Georgia. Think you can’t make a difference? Think again.

Here is how YOU can help flip the Senate blue.

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