first political ad make me cry Hero pilot Sully anti-Trump ad ignites Twitter

‘This is the 1st political ad EVER to make me cry’: Hero pilot Sully’s anti-Trump ad ignites Twitter

Pilot Hero ‘Sully’ Sullenberger calls on America to vote Trump out

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The latest anti-Trump ad from The Lincoln Project and VoteVets features airline Captain “Sully” Sullenberger talking about leadership. “It’s in that highest calling of leadership that Donald Trump has failed us so miserably.”

Retired US Air Force Captain and commercial pilot Chesley Burnett “Sully” Sullenberger III is famous for safely landing a commercial aircraft on the Hudson, saving 155 people — and losing none. Does that sound like the guy sitting in the White House right now? Sully doesn’t think so.

Ask any American who they would most want in the cockpit of their plane, and most would answer, “that Sully guy.” Ask Sully who he wants in charge of the United States, and his answer is clear: NOT Donald Trump.


For this ad, The Lincoln Project teamed up with VoteVets.

Sully steps up — again

Pilot Hero ‘Sully’ Warns America that Trump is Heading for a Crash

Screenshot / YouTube

“Leadership is not just about sitting in the pilot seat. It’s about knowing what you’re doing, and taking responsibility for it. Being prepared, ready, and able to handle anything that might come your way.”

Sully is ready to step up again.

An emotional reaction

Person holding a red paper with a sad face drawn on it


Sully’s message hits people on an emotional level.

Think Trump could do what Sully did? Not so much

Donald Trump walking outside

Flickr / The White House

Think about how many lives Sully saved.

Now think about how many lives Trump has lost. “Now it’s up to us to overcome his attacks on our very democracy, knowing nearly a quarter-million Americans won’t have a voice, casualties of his lethal lies and incompetence.”

You can’t bully Sully

Airplane flying over a skyscraper


Captain Sullenberger wasn’t impressed by Lara Trump’s bullying. Sully stuttered too — and it didn’t stop him from saving lives.

What will they say about this American hero?


Trump wearing a facemask with the words "vote him out" across the photo


Twitter users respond with their own versions of Sully’s message.

And don’t forget to send Trump’s backers packing

Trump with his people


Joe Biden will lead a team of experts. Donald Trump leads a team of enablers. When you going Sully voting Trump out, remember who kept him there.

Sully is just one veteran we owe our thanks

A photograph of a row of men in military dress uniforms.


While the president is calling veterans “losers” and “suckers,” VoteVets and Sully are reminding us the opposite is the real truth.

We are our own destiny

People standing in line to vote wearing face masks

Screenshot / YouTube

Sully makes it plain. “Now we are all called to this moment. We are in control of this nation’s destiny. All we have to do is VOTE HIM OUT.”

Everybody’s talking ’bout Sully

A stylized photograph of people yelling at each other through megaphones drawn on the image.


Entitled to that highest of honors, to be known by just his nickname, Sully also scored a dance demo by John Stewart, Steven Robert, and Steve Carrell.

Programing notes

Side by side photo of Trump and Biden

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Twitter users want Sully’s ad aired before, during, and after the presidential debates.

Here’s something else it would be fun to see at the debate.

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