Want to honor RBG? Donate to Democrats—Here's how.

Want to honor RBG? Donate to Democrats—they started soaring ‘$100,000 each minute’. Here’s how.

Want to honor RBG? Donate to Democrats—they're already soaring '$100,000 each minute'. Here's how.


The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has left me—and everyone I know—on the edge of despair. RBG was our superhero.

But you can honor the memory of the great liberal jurist by joining with hundreds of thousands of other progressives in supporting Democratic Senate candidates via ActBlue.

Why Senate Dems? Well, Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell didn’t waste a minute before announcing he would rush through RBG’s replacement—even though he infamously wouldn’t even consider President Obama’s nominee to replace Scalia in 2016. And Scalia died in February of that year!

As ActBlue explains: “Since becoming Senate Majority Leader in 2015, Mitch McConnell has stolen a seat on the Supreme Court, tried to take health care away from 20 million Americans, and stopped the Senate from doing anything that isn’t confirming extreme right-wing judges to lifetime appointments.”

That’s why even a Joe Biden victory will only be a half-victory if McConnell remains Senate leader.

So if you’re wondering what to do in the wake of RGB’s devastating death, start with ActBlue. You won’t be alone. Fortune reports they’ve been seeing “about $100,000 in donations each minute,” in the hours after Ginsburg’s death.

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