'RNC blues': Trump's in a slump while Biden's favorability continues to rise

‘RNC blues’: Trump’s in a slump while Biden’s favorability continues to rise

Side by side photos of Biden and Trump

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A new poll from ABC/Ipsos found that while Biden’s favorability rose after the two political conventions, Trump’s actually dropped—even after all the pomp and circumstance from the RNC convention.

The study found that only 37% of Americans approved of the Republican message presented at the RNC convention, while 51% of Americans approved of the Democratic message at the DNC convention. Meanwhile, Trump started the beginning of the DNC at 35% favorability rating and ended the RNC at 31%.

Former Vice President Joe Biden started the week of the DNC at a 40% favorability rating and then skyrocketed to a 45% after the DNC convention ended. But, surprisingly, it was 46% after the RNC ended, meaning the RNC only drove more people to say that they favored Joe Biden.

The issue that really hurt Trump was how he handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 35% said they approved of how he handled the crisis. 63% disapproved of how he dealt with the problem.

Pence’s favorability numbers are also at 31%, while 49% disapprove of what he has done in the last four years. Meanwhile, Sen. Kamala Harris’s favorability rating is at 43%, up from 35% before the DNC convention.

Perhaps seeing Trump framed against what seemed like an imperial background showed America precisely what they didn’t want to see.  Or perhaps the sight of 1,000 maskless attendees packed into the South Lawn made it obvious that the administration really isn’t handling the COVID-19 pandemic very well.

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