Melania Nazi dress dictatorship Easter Eggs Twitter spotted at the RNC

Melania’s Nazi dress and other dictatorship Easter Eggs Twitter spotted at the RNC

Dictator Easter Eggs: Visuals you may have missed during the RNC

Screenshot / Twitter

UPDATE: For our story on the secret recording of FLOTUS that set the internet on fire, click here.

The Republican National Convention started with a roar and ended with a bang. But in the middle of the four days of pomp and circumstance, little hidden (and not so hidden) visuals pointed to some disturbing implications.

Here are just some of the dictator Easter eggs at the RNC that you may have missed.

A deafening introduction

Kimberly Guilfoyle dancing with confetti dropping around her

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

When former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle got up to start the convention, her gestures and her voice gave off an authoritarian echo.

Actress Bette Midler made an apt comparison. Guilfoyle’s speech and body language looked like that of Eva Peron, the wife of fascist dictator Juan Peron, who seized Argentina after a coup. Even the New York Times noted the gesture.

Twitter user John Og made a video of Guilfoyle’s speech, contrasted with stark images from the past four years of the Trump administration.

The Rose Garden looks…Russian

A photograph of Saint Basil's cathedral in Moscow, Russia.


The Rose Garden was recently renovated by the First Lady and her team. Since the Garden had initially been put in place by former First Lady Jackie Kennedy, any changes that had been made previously were minor at best. But not only did Melania Trump uproot the cherry trees and install sidewalks, she also made the garden look similar to another famous garden.

Twitter users were quick to point out that the new design for the Rose Garden looked like Gorky Park in Moscow.

The opening of the doors

A photograph of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump painted on Russian matryoshka or "nesting" dolls


While there are no ceremonial guards meant to wait on President Trump, he certainly seems to want to install them. Marines were used to open the doors for Trump in a ceremonial shot that mirrors — almost exactly — the shot of Putin walking through a set of golden doors.

Coincidence? You decide.

Melania’s Nazi dress

Melania sitting in a chair

Flickr / The White House

Twitter users were stunned by Melania Trump’s choice of apparel on the third night. They immediately saw a parallel between the olive green suit and the outfits worn by female Nazi officers at Auschwitz.

Massive firework display spelling ‘Trump’

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks Trumpers': Twitter's best responses to Trump's potential COVID 'superspreader' RNC speech 1


The United States is in a state of crisis, between the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic state of disarray. But one wouldn’t know that from looking at the massive firework display that ended the convention.

According to one source, the egregious display cost $4 million to put on. Bread and circuses indeed.

12 More Years?

Trump smirking

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Trump led the audience into a chant calling for four more years. But he whipped them into saying “12 more years” instead.

Pence changed the words in the Bible

Mike Pence Vice President

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Vice President Mike Pence changed some words from Biblical passages to suit his needs, causing an uproar among some members of the Christian community. The Washington Post wrote that some critics found that his replacement of Jesus with the American flag was “a nod toward Christian nationalism, which asserts the United States is — or should be — a Christian nation.”

So many Hatch Act violations

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks Trumpers': Twitter's best responses to Trump's potential COVID 'superspreader' RNC speech


Administration officials spoke at the RNC. The grounds were used as part of the campaign. And as one blog pointed out, the presidential seal was over the podium. Ethical experts claim that at the very least, the administration officials who spoke at the RNC violated the Hatch Act.

“The bottom line is that the people’s resources are being used to advance a candidate,” Walter Shaub, senior adviser for the government accountability organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) told Snopes.

Footage straight from Moscow


Screenshot / YouTube

A reporter from The Atlantic pointed out that some of the footage used in the RNC was lifted from stock footage from a factory in Moscow, Russia. Other footage was from a Ukrainian company.

Did ICE make a collective Nazi Salute?

A photograph of men marching with Nazi and Confederate flags.


The RNC has been historically a great time to catch people in the act of making a Nazi salute, whether intentionally or otherwise. But perhaps a disturbing image included the members of the border patrol making what appear to be Nazi salutes while Trump spoke.

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