Rep Katie Porter has a warning for Postmaster General DeJoy

‘I hope the Postmaster General comes prepared’: Superstar Rep Katie Porter has a warning for DeJoy

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The United States Postal Service — the most beloved of America’s government agencies with a 91% approval rating — has been under siege with hijacked mailboxes and disappearing mail-sorters.

Well, it looks like that siege has, for the moment, had a cease-fire. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced that the U.S. Postal Service is suspending operational changes until after the November election.

DeJoy DeStroys

Louis DeJoy


Here’s just a sampling of the carnage that has taken place since DeJoy took over in June.

  • Removed roughly 10% of all mail-sorting machines (671!) and destroyed many of them so they can never be operable again.
  • Relocated, replaced, and removed countless public mailboxes to slow down the mail as much as possible. (At a minimum in Oregon, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Montana, and Arizona.)
  • Purged two-dozen postal executives who are far more experienced than him.
  • Encouraged local election officials to nearly TRIPLE the cost of their mail-in ballots from 20 cents to 55 cents.
  • Intentionally created huge backlogs of mail to DeLay DeLivery as much as possible.
  • Removed countless postal vehicles.
  • Reduced the hours of many post offices.
  • Scrapped overtime, ensuring a massive stockpile of unDeLivered mail — much of which could be essential medicines, paychecks, or Social Security benefits necessary for survival.

What DeJoy hasn’t DeClared

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While he has agreed to press pause, there are a few things he failed to clarify:

  • Is he going to put back the mailboxes?
  • Is he going to put back any of the mail-sorters? At least, the ones he didn’t DeStroy.
  • Is postal employee morale salvageable?
  • How will our ballots REALLY be handled?
  • Will he resign over his avalanche of deception?

Is the damage already done?

This freshman Democrat Katie Porter

Screenshot / YouTube

Possibly. We’ll know more when DeJoy appears at a Senate hearing on Friday, then before the House on Monday. Hopefully, Representative Katie Porter will set him straight.

DeLivering the knockout punch


Screenshot / YouTube

How did someone like DeJoy even get into this position? There’s an ample supply of conflict of interest here. DeJoy and his wife have more than $75 million invested in companies that are IN DIRECT COMPETITION with the USPS. In other words, harming the Post Office could provide a financial boon to him.

Not that he needs the money. That’s pretty much the only reason this highly unqualified mega-donor got the gig. Since 2016, DeJoy has given over $2 million to the Trump campaign or Republican causes, including a $210,600 contribution to the Trump Victory Fund on Feb. 19.

DeJoy might be DeThroned, DeFeated, and DeFunded

The USPS is in trouble; how Trump is destroying the Postal Service — and why.

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Just listen to Tim Hogan…

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