fool liar failure GOP ad what Trump’s failed COVID response stole from us

‘A fool, a liar and a failure’: GOP group’s viral ad reveals what Trump’s failed COVID response stole from us

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The latest anti-Trump ad from The Lincoln Project, “Memories,” really does bring us misty, watercolored memories of the way we were.

The ad reminds us of things that all Americans are missing out on now—because of Trump’s failed response to the pandemic.

Other countries have contained the spread of the coronavirus, but Trump’s failure to respond let the virus rip like wildfire through the US.

Maybe your own careful approach to the pandemic is keeping you away from events, but a lot of those events are not there to attend anyway. We’re missing out on graduation ceremonies, coffeeshop hangouts, kissing a date goodnight….

Watch The Lincoln Project “Memories”

The Lincoln Project is a group of Republicans who think Trump should be voted out of office. The images in their new video tell the story for them. Trump has failed us.

People are taking to Twitter to react to this ad and share some #memories of their own.

‘None of this had to happen’

Stacks of facemasks


The Lincoln Project’s Memories ad starts out a tearjerker, pulling at our heartstrings with all of the things we miss during this pandemic.

‘We have suffered needlessly because Trump is a fool a liar and a failure’

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The Lincoln Project Memories does not pull any punches. Neither do Twitter users.

Think of the things we might still be doing.

‘Most countries stopped it’

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When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, the US is all alone out front. And this is the absolute worst way in which to be Number 1.

US citizens can’t visit other countries right now. Hell, US citizens can’t even travel within their own country.

‘Trump refused…’

Dr. Fauci standing behind a podium with Trump looking on

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The memories of what Trump has done — or hasn’t done — are part of the tragedy The Lincoln Project Memories ad calls into focus.

If it weren’t so tragic, it could be almost funny.

‘It’s Trump’s virus now’

A photograph of Donald Trump's head floats among images of coronavirus cells.

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Trump had access to the best science, and the best minds. But Trump cares only about what’s best for himself.

The Lincoln Project is showing us that people’s memories can be long.

‘…and before it’s over, a million of us could die’

hospital bed


The most devastating part of The Lincoln Project’s Memories ad is watching people say goodbye to their loved ones.

‘What we have lost reminds us of the stakes this November’

A photograph of a Vote sign with arrow and american flag


MeidasTouch has its own series of anti-trump ads, and they have memories too. Their latest stroll down memory lane shows that the Republicans who followed Trump in his failed coronavirus response are just as guilty. And they need to be voted out this November too.

People share their lost hopes with The Lincoln Project Memories ad.

And how this moment has reframed their memories.

‘It truly is a choice’

Side by side photo of Trump and Biden

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There is an answer to the Trump Virus problem, and the clock is ticking until we can cure it on November 3rd, 2020.

And while we are making that choice, remember that there are plenty others we can send packing.

‘…America or Trump’

A screenshot from the VoteVets ad calling the Trump #BenedictDonald America's number one traitor

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That’s the choice this November: America or Trump.

And let’s choose America over Trump’s enablers as well.

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