10 jobs for good in Progressive politics, social justice

Jobs for Good 7/27/2020

  • 07/27/2020 3:04 pm ET

10 Jobs for Good 18
In today’s connected society there are more and more opportunities to bring your values to work. Tomorrow’s workforce knows that what you do at your job everyday can now be integrated with what you believe.

But whether you are moved by care of the planet, care of others, or care of self, companies have learned that employees who are working at jobs they believe in, that give them a sense of higher purpose, are more productive and stay longer.

So stand up for what you believe when you collect your paycheck! Here’s a few ideas that we will keep refreshed.

10 Jobs for Good 24#1: Junior Data Analyst      Climate Nexus | Remote      Listing

Climate Nexus is seeking a part-time consultant analyst to work on an exciting new website project focused on current government efforts to bailout the fossil fuel producers and consumers and the climate implications of doing so. The initial contract for this work will be for four months. This position is location-flexible and able to be performed remotely.

10 Jobs for Good 25#2: Analyst     APDS | Remote      Listing

The mission of the Business Development Associate will be to support the management, development, and successful implementation of all APDS content partnerships delivered via the APDS digital education platform, which include programming for juvenile and adult education, job training, rehabilitation, and reentry services. This role is cross-functional, and works closely with members of the Technology, Product, Sales, Support, and Business Development teams.


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