favorite GOP group's new anti-Trump ad attacks ‘the madman’s fragile ego’

‘This is my favorite yet’: GOP group’s new anti-Trump ad attacks ‘the madman’s fragile ego’

Lincoln project anti-Trump ad 'Whispers'

Flickr / The White House

Anti-Trump Republican Super PAC, The Lincoln Project, is needling Trump’s paranoia in their newest ad entitled “Whispers.”

The eerie whispering voiceover plays on his “leakers” and “whistleblower” fears. Basically saying that there isn’t just one person in his administration that is talking about him — it is everyone. The spoken words are accented by video footage of incidents like Melania refusing to hold his hand.

The Lincoln Project tagged the President in their Twitter share of the video reminding him he has a “loyalty problem.”


The perfect place

Cartoon television with the Fox News logo on the screen

Canva / Fox News

Twitter users know exactly where this ad should be aired. On repeat.

‘The madman’s fragile ego’

Trump standing at a podium

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

The Lincoln Project really knows how to push the President’s buttons.

Bunker baby

A photograph of a long concrete tunnel.

Pixabay / Matthias Wewering

Some predict this ad will send Trump scuttling to his bunker.


Learning from the best: students use Trump's words to bully classmates


Twitter users admit they hope to never get on the bad side of the Lincoln Project. The group takes no prisoners.

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