#8CantWait 8 policies that have the power to reduce police violence 72%

#8CantWait — The 8 policies that have the power to reduce police violence 72%

Crowd photo from a police brutality protest


Today, CampaignMatters are launching #8CANTWAIT: a list of policies that together have the power to reduce police violence by 72%.

The death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died at the hands of the police, has ignited a worldwide demand to end police brutality. The #8CantWait campaign has gone viral and could bring historic change to how the police treat civilians.

CampaignZero is an organization that lobbies for policy changes to end police violence. On average, 1000 Americans are killed by the police each year. This latest campaign urges people to contact their local mayor and demand these changes be instigated in police departments.

It is shocking many of these eight policies do not already exist in Police Departments. They paint a bleak picture of the unfettered power of the police in the status quo.

A few Police Departments have already adopted some of these force policies. These same Police Departments then reported up to 25% fewer police killings with each policy implemented.

Here are the requirements:

1. Ban Chokeholds and Strangleholds

The law in many places permits officers to choke or strangle civilians during a resisted arrest.

George Floyd was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Revoking this violent tactic for less lethal force could prevent the needless deaths or injuries of people like Floyd.

2. Require De-Escalation

Police officers would have to de-escalate situations — where possible — through communication and safe distance. Doing this would remove any unnecessary use of force.

3. Require Warning before Shooting

Before shooting at a civilian, officers need to give a verbal warning if possible.

4. Exhaust all other Means before Shooting

Officers have to exhaust all other reasonable means before resorting to deadly force.

5. Duty to Intervene

Demand that officers intervene and stop excessive force by other officers. Also, that they immediately report these incidents to a supervisor.

6. Ban Shooting at Moving Vehicles

This tactic is considered especially dangerous and ineffective. This point calls to restrict officers from shooting at moving vehicles.

7. Require Use of Force Continuum

A scale of force alternatives is needed to reduce the types of force and/or weapons that are used in response to some forms of resistance.

8. Require Comprehensive Reporting

Officers would have to report each time they use or threaten to use force against civilians.

The #8CantWait campaign has already spread like wildfire across social media. There has been a huge volume of support, with many users posting messages they have sent to their mayors.

To find out more about the campaign and see how you can contact your local mayor, click here.

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