GOP cheats in national elections—look what they just tried in Colorado!

The GOP doesn’t only try to cheat in national elections—look what they just tried in Colorado!

The GOP doesn’t only try to cheat in national elections – look at what they just tried to pull off in Colorado!

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The GOP continues to make one of their favorite talking points rigged elections and voter fraud. And they’re right to bring that up — because they’re the ones doing it.

Let’s head to Colorado and look at their latest scandal that — with a pandemic and rampant unemployment — might have flown under your radar.

The Buck stops here

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Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican Party Chair, pressured a local party official to submit fake election results to help rig the primary ballot for a state senate seat. The Denver Post obtained an audio recording of the scam.

Here’s what Mr. Buck did: The Republican primary District 10 seat is held by someone who is term-limited and can no longer run. State Rep. Larry Liston and GOP activist David Stiver are both running for the seat. However, to qualify for the November ballot — you know, the big one that elects you to the position — a candidate must receive 30% of the vote in the district. Liston received 75%, so he’s in. Some simple math would dictate that there isn’t another 30% available to be had. And you’d be right. Mr. Stiver received just 24% of the vote.

A numbers game

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Stiver complained that the election was unfair. That’s when Buck stepped in and tried to work the numbers after the fact. He got on the phone and tried to get a volunteer to commit election fraud.

“You’ve got a sitting congressman, a sitting state party chair, who is trying to bully a volunteer — I’m a volunteer; I don’t get paid for this — into committing a crime. To say it’s damning is an understatement.” – Eli Bremer, the GOP chairman for state Senate District 10, confirming the authenticity of the recording.

The damning conference call

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Not a lot of wiggle room for Ken Buck in this transcript. But read it and see for yourself. Remember, Bremer isn’t even drawing a salary and still being strong-armed into committing this crime.

Colorado Republican Party Chair, Ken Buck: “Do you understand the order of the executive committee and the central committee that you will submit the paperwork to include Mr. Stiver and Mr. Liston on the ballot, with Mr. Liston receiving the top-line vote?”

GOP Chairman for District 10, Eli Bremer: “Uh, yes, sir, I understand the central committee has adopted a resolution that requires me to sign a false affidavit to the state.”

Ken Buck: “And will you do so?”

Eli Bremer: “I will seek legal counsel as I am being asked to sign an affidavit that states Mr. Stiver received 30% of the vote. I need to seek legal counsel to find out if I am putting myself in jeopardy of a misdemeanor for doing that.”

Ken Buck: “And you understand that it is the order of the central committee that you do so?”

Eli Bremer: “I will consult with counsel. Yes, sir, I understand the central committee has ordered me to sign an affidavit stating that a candidate got 30% who did not. And I will seek legal counsel and determine if I am legally able to follow that.”

The Buck’s political career stops here

Angry man yelling into the telephone

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Mr. Buck’s attempt at an excuse was just as weak as his cheating. He maintains he was only asking Mr. Bremer to “abide by a committee decision.”

Translation: Just shut up and follow orders.

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