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Voting irregularities must trump poll guessing

  • 03/11/2020 6:20 am ET Brian Frazer

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Political reporters need to pump the brakes on dissecting all the poll minutia and guessing how many delegates each candidate might win in Wyoming and instead focus on the big picture: we may not have accurate counts on Election Day. Let’s do something about it now. Because in December, discussing all the irregularities will be too late.

Bad apps, faulty equipment, long lines… but other than that things are fantastic!

Some reporters, like Jennifer Cohn and Mike Farb have always been laser-focused on the voting issue and if you’re concerned about election security, you should follow them. They will give you the unvarnished facts about the untested equipment, inefficient polling places, poll closures, discriminatory voter registration systems, and unsound recounts that are happening every day. It’s a major problem and even though the mainstream media is reporting on it, more needs to happen to put pressure on local and state officials to make adjustments. The Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling that states no longer needed federal approval to close polling places explains why some Texas voters waited nearly seven hours to cast a ballot!

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Voter suppression is real, it’s happening all over the country, especially in red counties and states and not enough is being done to prevent it. If the status quo prevails, once the results are finalized in November, the losers will question the outcome sowing more partisan division and further deepening the rift between the left and right.

Fancy is not always better

All the shiny, glitzy new voting systems benefit one group: the companies that make them. It’s a fact that hand-marked paper ballots are more accurate and provide more transparency for recounts.

Key quotes

“The media has a huge role to play in helping things to go well.”

“It disproportionately hurt Democratic and minority voters, because 70 percent of the polling places were closed in the 50 counties in the state with the largest growth of black and Latino voters.”

“You’re more likely to be disenfranchised by incompetence than voter suppression.”

What you can do

Call your local paper and ask that they cover this story – before it’s too late. And call your local and state officials

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