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In the most brutal campaign ad of 2020, a Republican group blasts ‘Trump hack’ Sen. McSally

  • 01/29/2020 2:59 pm ET Dara Brewton
'Another Trump hack': Lincoln Project is out for blood with new campaign ad

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Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) has been reduced to “just another Trump hack” in a new campaign ad put out by the Lincoln Project—a group of “never Trump” former Republicans which includes George Conway and Steve Schmidt. The goal of the project is to defeat Donald Trump and all of his cronies.

The ad doesn’t hold back showcasing McSally’s low approval ratings in Arizona, and it also brings up her failed Senate run in 2018.

McSally was appointed to the Senate seat by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey with the backing of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The seat has held by Senator McCain for five terms and she was appointed after Jon Kyl, the temporary placeholder announced he was resigning to return to lobbying.

Lincoln Project’s ad compares McSally to previous Arizona Senators John McCain and Barry Goldwater. She is found lacking.

“They stood for what was right, no matter the political risk. And they are remembered as American heroes. And you, Martha? You’ll be remembered as just another Trump hack—if you’re remembered at all.”

Watch the campaign ad:

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