George Conway's hilarious list proves Trump has issues with Geography

George Conway’s hilarious list proves Trump has issues with Geography

George Conway behind a podium

Screenshot / YouTube

President Trump just hated a CNN clip mocking his geographical knowledge—one asserting he wouldn’t be able to “find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual, physical crane next to it.”

The quip may have sent CNN’s Don Lemon into a giggle fit, but Trump was not amused. He lashed out on Twitter calling him the “dumbest man on television”

Trump’s tweet inspired George Conway to create a thread proving that there is a lot of proof to the joke.

1. The pretty city of Belgium

Trump wearing a suit and standing outside

Screenshot/ YouTube

Back in the summer of 2016, Trump told attendees at an Atlanta rally that Belgium was a “pretty city.” Belgium is, in fact, an entire country.

2. Paris, Germany?

Trump and Macron having a meeting

Screenshot / ABC News

In another European geography mix-up, Trump tweeted about a problem in Paris which he apparently thinks is in Germany.

3. Tomayto…Tomahto

A bunch of tomatoes on a wooden table


In 2017, Trump had a giggle over the names of Asian countries while preparing for a meeting with India’s prime minister. Both Nepal and Bhutan were tricky ones for the President.

4. Time zones are hard

Trump standing next to the leader of China

Screenshot / YouTube

Apparently, there were difficulties in the White House in the early days having to do with time zones. Trump thought he could call other world leaders whenever he wanted not realizing people might be sleeping on the other side of the world.

5. Baltics vs Balkans

Trump very red faced

Screenshot / YouTube

Someone skipped his European studies courses! Trump caused a bit of confusion in 2018 when speaking with the leaders of the Baltic states.

6. Who broke up Yugoslavia?

Trump and Melania sitting in front of Christmas decorations

Screenshot / Twitter

During his confusing meeting with the Baltic leaders, he also blamed them for the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. He may want to brush up on the history of his wife’s birth country.

7. Colorado gets a big, beautiful border wall too

Trump speaking into a microphone

AP News

Twitter users will remember when #Coloradoborderwall was trending! Trump apparently forgot which states actually shared a border with Mexico.

8. India’s new additions

Trump standing at a podium

Screenshot / ABC News

Remember those country names that gave Trump the giggles? Well…he actually thought they were cities in India.

9. So many bombs

Trump speaking into a microphone

Screenshot / YouTube

While speaking with the Fox Business Network, Trump mentioned missiles that were “heading to Iraq.” Small problem though, the missiles were actually headed toward Syria.

10. So many Koreas

Kim Jong Un sitting on a white horse

Twitter / @SomeYucks

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea was probably not thrilled to be confused with Kim Jong-un. It is also pretty important that President Trump understands that there are two Koreas…

11. Who knew we had so many countries?

Trump standing among a crowd of world leaders


Trump was surprised by how many world leaders were calling him after his election because he “never knew we had so many countries.” Has the President never seen a world map? Maybe someone needs to explain all those shapes and lines to him.

12. What’s a few thousand miles?

Trump shaking hands with Modi


Trump should hire someone to hold up a world map every time he meets with a foreign leader. Then he won’t say things like this:

13. Erin go Bragh

A map of europe


When bragging about his popularity in the UK, Trump told a reporter:  “I believe that the people in the UK – Scotland, Ireland. They like me a lot.”

14. Erin go Bragh…again

A map of ireland


A year later, Trump was at it again. He boasted about how much he loves the UK and rattled off all the properties he owns there…including one in Ireland.

15. So many presidents, So little time

Trump sitting with a world leader

Screenshot / Twitter

Not only did Trump mistake Nechirvan Barzani, the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, as the leader of the Syrian Kurds, the President also rambled on about safe zones in Turkey. He even thanked Barzani for “everything you’ve done to keep it as safe as possible.”

16. European capitals for $200, Alex

Sondland testifying

Screenshot / CNBC

During the impeachment inquiry, a tidbit of conversation between Trump and Gordon Sondland was put on record:

“I heard Ambassador Sondland greet the President and explain that he was calling from Kyiv. I heard President Trump then clarify that Ambassador Sondland was in Ukraine. Ambassador Sondland replied, yes, he was in Ukraine,”

17. Why’d they put it so close to the border?

A map of the Koreas


During a briefing regarding North Korea’s nuclear facilities, the President was amazed that South Korea would put its capital city so close to the border. “They have to move,” he said. Those in attendance weren’t sure whether or not he was joking.

18. What about Great Britain?

Boris Johnson standing in front of a blue background

Flickr / Chatham House

Some people can’t tell the difference between Trump and PM Boris Johnson. That’s okay because Trump doesn’t know the difference between the UK and England.

19. Kansas City…where?

A football sitting on the grass


After Super Bowl LIV, Conway was able to add another tweet to his thread when the President didn’t know where the winning NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs hailed from.

The hilarious geography thread is only one of the ways that Conway rips on the President. He brings the sarcasm and the snark to Twitter nearly every day of the week.

Keep scrolling for even more Conway burns.

20. The American Dream

A girl sitting in the grass holding an American flag


Conway couldn’t help but take a dig at the White House’s tone-deaf tweet…apparently, some dreams do come true in America.

21. Grifters gonna grift

A stack of MAGA hats

Screenshot / Business Insider

There can’t be too many people that doubt the fact the President’s wallet has gotten fatter since he stepped into his role at the White House. His golf tab alone has already reached nearly $130 million, most of which is being paid to his own resorts.

22. He has the best lies

Trump standing outside

Screenshot / CBS News

The fact-checkers have been working overtime since Trump has taken office. If the President’s lips are moving there is a good chance lies and half-truths will follow.

So, it is really no wonder that Conway laid the sarcasm on thick when he read this CNN headline.

23. Ratings are down

Trump with "you're fired!" written across it

Screenshot / YouTube

Donald Trump cares about ratings, so he probably hated to hear that his for the SOTU address were down this year. Maybe it is time to try a new cast?

24. He has the best words

A dictionary propped open


Not only does he have the best words, but he also creates new ones on a regular basis. #covfefe

25. Rip heard ’round the world

Pelosi ripping up Trump's SOTU speech

Screenshot / YouTube

Who knew ripping up a few pieces of paper would cause such an uproar? Conway, however, didn’t see much of a problem with Pelosi’s paper shredding.

26. Presidential words?

Donald Trump giving a speech

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Trump brought out the four-letter words while giving his Impeachment victory speech. Conway gave him credit for being the first to use such presidential language during a national address.

27. The big, beautiful wall

Side by side photo of the border wall and Trump giving a thumb's up

Flickr / Hayley Gagnon, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Trump promised the biggest, best-est wall the world has ever seen. And…who was going to pay for it?

28. Sarcasm font

A photo of a marker


Conway wrote a little piece for the Washington Post declaring his eternal belief in all things Donald Trump.

29. A tool he doesn’t like

A tablet and keyboard on a black surface


After the Iowa debacle, Conway has a few misgivings about the announcement of a new “tool” being used in Nevada.

30. And a tool that he does

Marco Rubio staring into the distance


Senator Rubio (R-FL) tweeted that he will now be “posting definitions of words & phrases used by political media in a series entitled #MediaWordOfTheDay.” Conway found his favorite response:

31. Orange is the new Trump

caricature of Trump


When an unflattering photo of Trump began circulating online, he got upset crying that the image was photoshopped.

32. Secret Service is looking for Bugs

A cement wall that says LOL in spray paint


Conway’s meme game is strong!

33. Please hold for casting…

Jeanine Pirro standing behind a podium

Flickr / Michael Vadon

This rant by Fox Host Jeanine Pirro has Conway ready to cast the next season of Saturday Night Live.

34. Don Jr. vs Lt. Col Vindman

Lt Col. Vindman testifying

Screenshot/ YouTube

In a character showdown between DJTJ and Lt. Col Vindman, it is obvious where Conway is placing his bets.

35. Improving curb appeal

A photo of a house with several of the lights on


It really spruces up the place, don’t you think?

36. Putin’s puppet projecting

Trump leaning over to speak to Putin


“Honor and integrity” are definitely not part of Trump’s repertoire.

37. ‘Pride and arrogance come before a fall’

A photograph of Donald Trump standing at a podium giving two thumb's up

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Conway is in agreement with this truth-sayer…

39. His mind is dark

Trump sitting at a table while in Walter Reed

Flickr / The White House

…and this one.

40. A change in protocol…

Side by side photo of Trump and Bolton

Flickr / Kremlin

Recent allegations in the Washington Post suggest that Trump wants to prevent Bolton’s tell-all book from being published because it contains “classified information.” Except Trump isn’t aiming to keep it off the shelves forever – just until after the November elections.

Conway’s tweet perfectly highlights the absurdity of that “logic”:

41. Whack-a-Mole

A game of whack-a-mole

Dreamstime / VacharapongW

Trump is playing a game, and he’s playing himself. Will he realize it before he leaves office?

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