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Dems Iowa Caucus voting app vulnerable

  • 01/29/2020 7:14 pm ET Brian Frazer

Why the Iowa Caucuses were a sh*t-show according to pundits

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Democrats will record the votes from the Iowa presidential caucuses using a smartphone app.
Party leaders insist this will make it faster and easier to report results from the 1,700 caucus sites. However, critics are calling it a “security nightmare” and are concerned the app could be hacked by people trying to influence the 2020 elections.

Faster isn’t necessarily better
In 2016, both Democrats and Republicans in Iowa used an app from Microsoft Corp. This allowed the parties to report 95% of their precinct results in four hours. The Iowa Democratic Party has declined to disclose the vendor who made the 2020 app. They fear that releasing any details could assist cyber attackers.

The voting of the future?
Initially, the state party wanted to permit some phone voting through so-called virtual caucuses, but the Democratic National Committee blocked the plan over security concerns.

Key quotes
“We are confident in the security systems we have in place.”
“The argument the party is using is effective at preventing public oversight, but it’s not effective at protecting against cyber threats.”

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