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‘He adopts a Trumpian style of gaslighting’: Major KY newspaper slams GOP Gov. Bevin, endorses Beshear

  • 10/26/2019 6:10 pm ET Dara Brewton
Major Kentucky newspaper endorses Beshear for Governor

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Kentucky’s second-largest newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader, has officially endorsed Democrat Andy Beshear for Governor.

Beshear who is the Attorney General of Kentucky is running against the current GOP governor Matt Bevin. The election is scheduled for November 5th.

The Herald-Leader has some very harsh words for Bevin:

“He is still thin-skinned, rude to those who disagree with him and staunchly convinced that he’s the smartest man in whatever room he enters. When trapped, he adopts a Trumpian style of gaslighting by denying words clearly caught on tape.”

Beshear has been Attorney General since 2016, and in that time, he has “provided a crucial bulwark against the excesses of Bevin.” Beshear brought suit against the governor for using executive power to cut the budgets of the Kentucky state universities and “wrongfully” withholding money that should be going to the students of Kentucky.

The newspaper also thinks it is important to consider the candidate’s running mates. Bevin’s ticket included Kentucky state senator, Ralph Alvarado, who’s biggest claim to fame is pushing for legislation that protects “below average” nursing homes—like the five nursing homes where he happens to be the medical director.

On the other hand, Beshear’s running mate is Jacqueline Coleman, an assistant principal, who many think is perfectly suited to help Kentucky’s “revenue-starved” school system. She is considered a breath of fresh air after Bevin’s “treatment and speech toward teachers.”

The Lexington Herald-Leader did not mince words in their endorsement, ending with:

“In these final weeks of the election, Bevin has tightened up the race with shameless flogging of cultural issues that have very little to do with the economic problems that affect Kentuckians most, from squawking about abortion to preacher parties in the Governor’s Mansion. But like much of Bevin’s tenure, this is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Andy Beshear is both temperamentally and substantively ready for the Governor’s office and deserves your vote.”



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