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The vote for Brett Kavanaugh may well be the moment Susan Collins’ career ended

  • 10/16/2019 8:42 am ET Sunny Hundal
Ten Reasons Susan Collins has to go 1

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Despite multiple and credible allegations of sexual assault, last year Maine’s GOP Senator Susan Collins chose to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

That decision may have cost her career.

A new survey of voters in Maine has found Collins losing huge support among Democrat-leaning voters, who were vital to her reelection strategy. And Collins knows this because she has sounded the alarm among her GOP colleagues and voters.

Worse, the Senator may be in trouble no matter what side she takes on Trump’s impeachment.

A survey by Public Policy Polling found her support among Democrats dropped from a 43 point deficit to a 64 point deficit after her vote for Justice Kavanaugh. Earlier, she had been trailing Clinton voters 64 / 21; afterward that dropped to 76 (unpopular) / 12 (popular).

Now only 35% of Maine voters approve of her work compared to 50% who disapprove.

She trails a generic Democrat for reelection 44-41. That represents a big drop for Collins compared to a poll we did last September when she led a generic Democrat by 6 points at 44-38.


Worse for her, a majority of Mainers support impeaching President Trump: 53% – 44%. If she opposed impeachment her support would drop even further, the survey found.

Collins now finds herself in a tough position. If she supports Impeachment she may well lose to Republican opponents in the primary vote.

But if she opposes impeachment she is likely to lose her Senate seat.

More at PPPolling

Worried about her seat, Collins has now been sounding the alarm among GOP voters and trying to shore up her position.

But that might make her even more unpopular with Democratic voters she desperately needs.

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